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All You Need To Know About Spring Scales

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Spring scales, newton meter or spring balance, whatever name you choose, each one of them refers to the same thing, i.e., a device designed to measure the weight of an object based on how much it can affect the shape of a spring.


A spring scale consists of a device having a spring attached to one side and a hook attached to the other. The hook is used for lifting the object whose weight is to be measured. The structure of the scale is quite simple but works on a scientific principle that talks about the direct relationship between the weight of an object and the damage caused to the spring attached to the scale. In other words, the heavier the object, the more damaged the spring's shape would be.


Crane Scales

A spring balance is generally used on a commercial level. These commercially used spring scales are huge in size and are generally known as crane scales because they are left hanging from crane hooks and have the capacity to withstand heavier loads.


Size Of The Spring Scales

Spring scales are available in different sizes with varying levels of the spring’s firmness. The small-sized spring scales designed to measure newtons consist of a spring that is not as firm as spring used in large-sized spring scales specifically designed to measure thousands of newtons, if not millions. Their sizes and the strength of the springs vary based on the number of grams or newtons they are designed to measure.


Uses Of Spring Scales

A spring scale or newton meter’s main function is to measure the weight as well as the force of the objects attached to its hook. However, this major function has several uses to it which are given below:

Educational Purposes: Spring scales are most commonly used in educational institutions to teach students about the basics of the spring scales, their background, the scientific principles or laws these scales operate on, and much more.

Domestic Purposes: At homes, these scales can simply be used to measure the weights of certain objects should the need arise. These weight scales are quite simple and uncomplicated to operate.

Large Scale Purposes: On a larger scale, a newton meter, spring scale, or spring balance is used to measure the weights of heavier objects as well as machinery like storage silos, trucks, and many other heavy objects. 

Use by shop vendors: These weight scales which are based on the principles of Hooke's law of physics are used by quite a few shop vendors for calculating the weight of their products no matter what type of product it is.


Although the spring scales are nothing like the modern weight measurement tools that we love to use, they are small, affordable, and pretty simple to use. Even a child can use these spring balances, that's how uncomplicated their measurement process is. However, their accuracy is no more than one percent (give or take).


Hence, if you want a simple and affordable weight measuring instrument that you can easily carry around, then these newton meters are the best option for you. Otherwise, you can always go for the other, more advanced, and sophisticated weight machines.